'Design for Wellbeing' is the online training course for architects and interior designers

who quickly and easily want to learn how to design for wellbeing and apply this knowledge onto their projects.

Consciousness in the market about wellbeing is rising, and clients are increasingly asking for designers and architects who are knowledgeable about designing for wellbeing in interiors. According to the Fast Company, the wellness real estate in 2018 was valued at $134.3 billion and it's projected to grow 8% in the next five years, reaching over $197 billion by 2022. It also states that the three sectors that represent the core spheres of life will see the strongest growth: wellness real estate, workplace wellness and wellness tourism.

Why should you become a Design for Wellbeing student?

Some of the benefits joining the course are

  • All the wellbeing knowledge you need in one accessible place

  • Learn at your own pace, from wherever you like, whenever you like

  • 54 online lessons (incl exams) in the complete course

  • Access to reading lists and all the resources Elina Grigoriou uses on her design projects

  • Ask your own project related questions and submit your project for an expert review on wellbeing aspects

  • Stand out from the crowd as a designer will wellbeing expertise and win more projects

Join the Design for Wellbeing Family

Wellbeing is hot right now and we hope for ever more. The knowledge needed behind a designer to confidently deliver projects including wellbeing is NOW available - and here is your chance to pick it all up and embed into your existing knowledge

Watch Intro Video

Watch this video to hear Elina Grigoriou describe the training course in more details

Elina Grigoriou is the creator and presenter of the Design for Wellbeing training programme. In her own words, she describes what you can expect to learn in each Part and why the training course is structured in the way it is.

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