Design and Wellbeing Expert

Elina Grigoriou

Elina Grigoriou is a London-based Interior Designer, Sustainability and Wellbeing Expert who passionately believes that style and sustainability can be mutually inclusive. With 18 years experience in the commercial interior design sector, she has extensive knowledge of human-centric design to complement her natural creative talent and passion for sustainability. She is an industry specialist in designing for wellbeing, conducting research and applying knowledge at every opportunity, continuously raising awareness of best practice on designing for wellbeing and sustainability in the built environment.

Due to her leadership thinking, Elina is regularly invited by industry bodies to participate in steering meetings, inspire audiences at public events, participate in industry or social debates, contribute in research work and is a frequent contributor to articles on design, wellbeing and sustainability. Significant industry contributions include the 2014 WGBC report ‘Health Wellbeing and Productivity in Offices” and a 2014 Feeling Good Foundation white paper ‘Wellbeing Matters: assessing views on the impact of the built environment on wellbeing.’

Elina was commissioned by RIBA Publishing to write the book ‘Wellbeing in Interiors: Philosophy, design and value in practice'.

An industry expert on wellbeing in interiors, Elina works to raise awareness of best practice in designing for wellbeing and sustainability in the built environment. Since 2011, Elina and her team have been developing A Better Place - a new wellbeing evaluation framework for interior environments. Aimed specifically for the fit-out sector, it is the first system of its kind to consider all aesthetic design characteristics and places users at the centre. A Better Place provides clients and their designers with clarity on how to harmonise their occupied spaces with the needs of employees and owners while supporting wellbeing and enabling productivity. Because good design is a good investment, A Better Place also provides a framework for evaluating return on investment.

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